Happy Summer!

Dear Greenvale Family,

Thank you to everyone for a Greenvale Great school year.  Your dedication and support of the Greenvale Learning Community are appreciated.  Enjoy your summer vacation.

Congratulations to my first full four-year class!

Congratulations to our retirees:  Ms. Fielding, Ms. Donato, and Ms. O’Hara, your Greenvale Family wishes nothing but the best to you.

Darrell Stinchcomb Principal   

Greenvale Egg Drop Challenge

Some Greenvale classes participated in an egg drop contest today. The challenge was to design a system to protect an egg from cracking or breaking from a great fall. Student designed prototypes were dropped from a third story window, with the hope that the egg would survive the landing. A special thank you to Mrs. Gamils for organizing this fun event.

Girls on the Run

On Saturday, June 15th the Greenvale Girls on the Run team participated in a 5K. Thank you to all who helped to make this event possible, especially the coaches Jessica Stern, Erin Murray, Gabriella Fleurimond, Becca Collins, Susan Gaines, and Leslie Kowalski.

Tuckahoe Public Library Summer Reading Challenge

Tuckahoe Public Library’s exciting summer programs and summer reading game, “A Universe of Stories” are set to begin on June 19th. The Summer Reading Kick-off begins with Steve Woyce’s Out of This World Magic Show, next Wednesday, June 19th @ 4 pm in the Community Center (ages 3-10). Children are also encouraged to use the online reading program, Readsquared, to earn badges and go on missions to earn points.

Acrobat Li Liu will perform for the Finale on Wednesday, August 7 @ 4:30 pm, in the Community Center for children ages four and older.

Complete schedule of events.

Paper version of the Readsquared reading log.


It’s hard to believe that in 2 short weeks we will be ending another school year! 


(Actually, they are overdue).

Overdue notices have been going home regularly, so if you suspect a book is lost, please email me and let me know.  I can be reached at mdaitch@eastchester.k12.ny.us   If you pay for a lost book and it turns up before June 21nd, please have your child bring it to the library so that we may refund your money. 





Reading is not just a September through June pleasure!  To encourage summer reading, check out the Summer Reading Programs at the Eastchester Public Library, Tuckahoe Public Library, or Scarsdale Public Library.

Happy reading!

Merrie Daitch

Your Greenvale Librarian

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Greenvale Family,

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and there is a lot of work left to be done.  The activities for the students will be plentiful.  We have completed our One Book, One School reading of The One and Only Ivan, the book was a big hit.  The students have communicated that they thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. Greenvale Night was a big hit.  The families seemed to enjoy activities.

Thank you to everyone for your participation in all of the activities and events.  A special Thank you to the Greenvale School PTA!  You help to make Greenvale Great!  Thank you to Arik, Tyler, Alisa, and the whole team at Sneaker Lounge for helping with Field Day!  We appreciate your support of our students! Thank you to the Greenvale Office and Custodial Staff for all that they do!

Have a Great Weekend!

Darrell Stinchcomb Principal                   

Social Skills Ceremony

Today we celebrated Greenvale students who participated in the Social Skills program this year.

The school day is full of lessons about reading, math, science, and social studies.  However, some of the most important lessons that students learn in school come from other children.  Each and every student who participated in the program did a great job this year teaching each other. Students practiced initiating conversations, explaining feelings using “I feel statements”, making compromises, and being aware of the feelings of others.  These lessons are life lessons that will follow them throughout the coming years.

Congratulations and thank you for your hard work.  Rest well and enjoy the coming vacation. We expect more wonderful work from you next year. Thank you to Ms. Donato and Mrs. Stern for organizing the event.

Colonial Day

Today the Greenvale Fourth stepped into a time machine and visited the colonial world. Students listened to colonial music, learned colonial dances, and engaged in colonial games. Students also learned about what it was like to go to school in colonial times. The opportunity to learn about colonial crafts including tinsmithing, butter making, candle making, and stenciling was also provided. Thank you to the Greenvale PTA for making this wonderful day possible.