From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Greenvale Family,

Thank you again for your donations for the Loukoumi Foundation, Make a Difference Day, to support St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Our two year total for contributions is $5,000.  Greenvale is truly Great!

We have extended the Sock Drive until Friday, November 16th. The box was only half full, and I know that we can fill up at least one box.  We will have crazy sock day on Friday, November 16th as well.  Let’s see who comes to Greenvale with the craziest socks on.

Our 2018-2019 Greenvale Safety Patrol is on duty and doing a Great job!  We are gearing up for our Ugly Sweater Contest in December.  Please be on the look-out for the details about our annual event.  Ok, so I had on a sweater about two weeks ago, and one of the students said that I was starting the contest early.  Thanks a lot.

A big THANK YOU to all of our Veteran’s!  Thank you for all that you do, have done, and will do for our country.  Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone.

Have a Great weekend!

Darrell Stinchcomb


Greenvale Sock Drive Update

Our Sock Drive will continue until November 16th.  Please bring new socks to donate to homeless men, women, and children.

Friday, November 16th will be Crazy Sock Day!

Second Grader Creates Her Own Vending Machine

Hi, My name is Makayla. I am a second grade student in Mrs. Tolomeo’s class. On Sunday my mom gave me a box and I was thinking of something to make out of it. Then I thought of making a vending machine. So I worked and worked and worked until I created a working vending machine. To use the machine, the customer says what he/she wants and someone will use a long tool to push the candy out. I was inspired to create this because of our makerspace lessons at Greenvale. They help us to be creative and solve problems. People are impressed when they see my vending machine.

Science 21 Bear Bridge Design Challenge

Classes 2 T and 4 G collaborated on a Science 21 Lesson : Structure and Properties of Matter.

Students decided what properties of materials would cause a bridge to hold a lot weight.   Each team worked through the design process to create strong durable bridges.

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Greenvale Family,

The Greenvale Learning Community did an excellent job supporting the Loukoumi Foundation’s Make A Difference Day in support of literacy at St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Last year Greenvale School raised and donated over $2,000 and made over 500 cards for the patients.  I am proud to announce this year we raised over $3,000 and made about 600 cards.  We are indeed a giving and supportive community.

The classrooms with the highest donations on each grade level are 2nd grade-Mrs. Tolomeo, 3rd grade- Mrs. Frascone, 4th grade-Ms. O’Sullivan, and 5th grade-Mrs. Poli.  The Eastchester Teachers Association will sponsor a pizza or ice-cream party to the winning classes.  Our whole school community are winners.  A big THANK YOU! Goes out to the Greenvale faculty, staff, students, and parents for supporting this fundraiser.  A special Thank you to Mr. Pesce and the Greenvale Student Council for their hard work on this event.  We are on to the next fundraising event.

Last year Elly Convery and Gabby Criscillo asked if we could collect socks for the homeless. Of course, we said yes, and as a school community we collected about three boxes of socks to donate.  Elly and Gabby asked if we could collect socks again this year.  We will have boxes to collect donations in the main hallway for the event.

Morning drop-off is getting much better.  I know that we are busy trying to get to various locations, catch trains, and make other drop-offs, but I implore you to slow down in the school zone and to adhere to all of the safety rules.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you to everyone for being Greenvale Great!


Sock Drive

Dear Greenvale Families and Friends,

In some of our neighboring communities, homelessness is an issue facing many adults and children alike.  Among many of the challenges these individuals face are keeping warm, well clothed, and healthy. Something that we all may take for granted can be life changing for people who are less fortunate.  Having dry, clean socks can help ensure that these individuals are healthy and comfortable.

The Greenvale students and student council are organizing a sock drive to benefit the homeless in our area.  Socks will be collected from Monday November 5th through Friday November 9th. Please consider making a donation as it will directly help a person in need!  The generosity of the Greenvale family has been amazing all year long and we hope it will continue with this fundraiser. All socks must be brand new and in the original packaging.  Socks will be accepted for all sizes from Toddler-Adult XL.

On Friday November 9th, students are encouraged to participate in “Crazy Sock Day” at Greenvale to show their support for this great cause!

Much thanks,

Greenvale Student Council

Science News

As part of our new Science 21 program, the students in Mrs. Tolomeo’s second grade class were asked to think like engineers and put their problem solving skills to the test. For the past few weeks, the students have been exploring the unit driving question: Why are certain materials used for specific purposes? In order to explore this question further, the students worked in groups to brainstorm, plan and test out materials they wanted to use to develop small-scale models of playground equipment. After collaborating, each student used the design process model to create, then analyze data about the best materials to choose when designing a piece of playground equipment. Not only were the students successful, they had a blast learning about different properties of matter.

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Greenvale Family,

Thank you for all of your support and donations to the Loukoumi Foundation’s Make A Difference Day in support of literacy at St. Jude Hospital.  We will announce the class winners on Monday, October 29th.  The children have done a fantastic job with the cards that they made for patients. We will package them up and turn them over to the Loukoumi Foundation to give to St. Jude.

Thank you to the Greenvale PTA for a Great Picture Day. The day went smoothly. All of the students were encouraged to smile their biggest and brightest smiles.

Parents, just a few reminders.  Please write the children’s names on the insides of their jackets, coats, and sweaters.  The lost and found closet is getting full. Be sure to stop in and check for lost items.

Morning drop-off is becoming very dangerous.  Parents we ask that you do not park in the drop off area.  If you would like to watch the students walk into the building, please pull up in front of the Greenvale sign.  When you park in the drop-off area, it backs up the traffic along Maple Street.  You can also pull up and park near the sign and walk them to the building.  I have watched several parents make U-turns on Rescigno Drive.  This practice is very dangerous and could cause an accident.  Please be mindful of your driving practices for the safety of our students.

Have a Great weekend!

Thank you for all that you do!

Darrell Stinchcomb