International Day

The third grade classes had the opportunity today to visit Scotland, Kenya, Egypt, Australia, Mexico, and Japan! Thanks to the incredibly hard work of the Greenvale PTA, the third grade classes had the opportunity today to visit Scotland, Kenya, Egypt, Australia, Mexico, and Japan! The children enjoyed a presentation from each country, completed a craft, and explored artifacts.

4-LoVecchio Wax Museum

This week students from Mrs. LoVecchio’s Fourth Grade class “became” the subject of a favorite biography. Students recited speeches and dressed in costume to tell the story of their subject. All attendees enjoyed learning about the lives of these famous individuals!

Science News

Plants can’t travel, so how do they spread their seeds? This question was answered by Mrs. Tolomeo’s second grade class. The students have been exploring how plants and animals have special parts (structures) so they can disperse seeds in nature. “Explosive Force” is one way seeds get to new places where they can sprout and grow. Each student had to design a structure that would disperse seeds using this concept. Each student created a “seed blaster” and had a chance to watch nature in action.

Student Council Pet Drive

The Greenvale Student Council will be hosting a pet drive for two wonderful animal shelters in lower Westchester.   Both the Yonkers Animal Shelter and the Humane Society of Westchester will benefit from our pet drive. Please bring donations during the week of May 13th-17th.

To help out animals who are waiting to find a home, please bring in new and unused:

-disposable gloves
-laundry detergent
-dog and cat treats
-dog and cat toys
-large dog Kong toys
-canned dog and cat food

Image result for dog and cat clip art

Kathleen Bart Author Visit

On Friday, May 17th Kathleen Bart presented her “Global Gourmet” program to the third grade students. Mrs. Bart’s beautiful illustrations accompanied her descriptions of her international travels. Mrs. Bart also shared her love for foods from different cultures. A wonderful time was had by all.

Greenvale Spring Concert

Greenvale salutes our Fourth and Fifth Grade students, along with Mr. Zantay, Mrs. Greene, and Mrs. Smith on the performance of another beautiful concert. The student body enjoyed listening to patriotic songs and many beautiful melodies and musical styles, including Classical, Jazz, Rock. We were even treated to a few fabulous movie soundtracks. Thank you for the amazing performance.