April’s Focus: Responsibility

This month of April, during which we celebrate Earth Day, our school community will focus on our responsibility to the Earth. At Anne Hutchinson School, 5th grade teacher Mr. O’Neil works diligently with teachers and students to lead an extensive recycling program and to maintain our school garden. Our Good Deed of the Month for April will be ColorCycle, in partnership with Crayola, and with this deed we aim to take our recycling  efforts one step further by collecting and repurposing old, dried out markers!

Throughout the month of April, we are also encouraging students to research and share strategies for living greener lifestyles outside of school too! At our recent H.E.A.R.T. assembly, we asked ourselves 3 questions that might also be helpful to discuss as a family this month: How can I cut back on the amount of trash I make? Can I find a new way to use trash so that I don’t have to throw it out? Can I use trash to make new goods that can be sold again?

Anusha, a 3rd grader in Mrs. Serra’s class, also shared information about her Little Critters Club, through which she studies insects, does special projects based on insects, and learns about native plants. If your child has similar interests, they are invited to join her for a recruitment meeting on Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 10-11 am at the Eastchester Library!

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