Field Day 2019

Field day will be held this year Friday June 7th with the rain date being Monday June 10th. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor physical activity. This includes sneakers, short clothing, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. We also ask that each student brings a water bottle to carry around with them for the day. Water will be provided by the school as well, but having your own will increase hydration and allow field day to run smoother. Field day activities will begin in the morning and end at 11:30AM. At 11:30AM line dancing will begin in which parents are invited to come and watch. After line dancing our school picnic will begin at 12:00pm and go until 1:00PM. Parents are also invited to join our school picnic. Please make sure that your child brings a bagged lunch to school or has arrangements to receive lunch during the picnic because the cafeteria will not be serving lunch that day. Students also are asked to wear a grade color t-shirt which is listed below. The t-shirt does not have to be any specific shade of the color or entirely that color. As long as most of the t-shirt is the grade color it’s acceptable. This will be the final event of the year for the AH Curriculum Olympics.  I hope to see you all at Field Day on the Friday, June 7th.

2nd– Red

3rd– Blue


5th– Fifth grade T-shirt

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