Good Deed of the Month

On Friday, November 30th, Anne Hutchinson School will participate in a sports-themed Spirit Day! Our Student Council is encouraging students of all grade levels to wear their favorite sport outfit or team shirt in exchange for $1 donation to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Please send your donation by November 28th in an envelope marked with your child’s name. Thank you for your continued support of our Good Deed of the Month!

Winter Concert

We are excited to present our winter concert on the evening of Thursday, December 6th in the Anne Hutchinson School auditorium! At 6:30 pm, the orchestra and band will perform and at 7:30 pm, the chorus will perform. If your child is a member of the orchestra, band, or chorus, click here for more information that was previously emailed about the evening. Please keep in mind that although fourth and fifth graders comprise our orchestra, band, and chorus, families of children in all grade levels may attend this event!  

Safety Reminder

As you know, dismissal is a very busy time at our school. As an important safety reminder, please be sure to stay on the dismissal car line or park off campus. Please do not park near the entrance (between Mill Road and our front circle) as it blocks the buses. Please also refrain from driving through the front circle as it presents a hazard while we are boarding students on buses. Thank you as always for your cooperation!

Welcome, Giving Retriever Healey!

Through the generous gifts of Eastchester School Foundation, SEPTA, and our PTA, we are proud to introduce the value of Canine-Integrated Therapy to all students of Anne Hutchinson School! Heidi Bonorato, Founder and Director of Giving Retriever, LLC will be visiting our classrooms to introduce all students to a giving retriever. Third graders enjoyed meeting Healey this week and learning all about her job at Anne Hutch and beyond! To learn more about this program click here.

Report Cards

Don’t forget to log into Home Access Center to access your child’s report card today. Please find time to celebrate your child’s progress as a family this weekend!

Halloween Parade

We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon for our annual Halloween parade on Wednesday! Thank you to our wonderful community of families for joining in the fun!


Cell Phones and Bus Students

We recognize that cell phones are an important line of communication for many parents and their children. For this reason, Anne Hutch students are allowed to store silenced cell phones in their bookbags/lockers and our youngsters have always been very respectful of this rule during the school day.

At this time, we are extending this rule to the school bus. Silenced cell phones should be kept in bookbags on the bus and used only for emergency purposes. Students may not use cell phones for social reasons. Using a cell phone for text messaging, taking pictures of one’s self or others to transmit or store, and/or any other inappropriate activities will be considered a violation of our school rule.

If your child rides the bus, please speak to them about the cell phone rule on the bus. We will also review these expectations at school. Thank you in advance for your support.

November’s Focus: Gratitude

The month of November is, of course, a time of thanksgiving. It is a season when most of us pause to reflect on our lives and to appreciate the gifts of our health, our loving families and friends, and the wonderful experiences we share together in life.

For this reason, Anne Hutchinson School chose to focus on the habit of gratitude for the month of  November. As the Swiss philosopher Henri Frederic Amiel noted, “Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.”

At our recent HEART Assembly, our school community made a commitment to the belief that gratitude is the best attitude. We learned that there are many scientists studying gratitude and they are discovering when students are thankful and actively appreciate the people and the world around them, it improves their mood, mental health, and overall happiness. To learn more about this interesting research, check out this website.

In the month of November, we encourage our Anne Hutch families to join us in exploring how an attitude of gratitude will support us to truly engage in our learning and enjoy our lives more fully throughout the year. Consider giving out compliments, making a list of things you are grateful for, or keep a gratitude journal, volunteering in your community, or doing small, random acts of kindness.

And, if all else fails, take comfort in knowing that simply smiling is an excellent way to demonstrate gratitude!

Math Night was a Great Success!!!!

Math Night was a great success, thanks to our dedicated Anne Hutch families and teachers! Families enjoyed a series of math games at each grade level with Mr. O’Neil, Ms. Stroud, Ms. Bisaccio, Mrs. Cartolano, Ms. Panico, Ms. Orlando, Mrs. Dannhauser, Ms. Cilione, Mrs. D’Onofrio and Mr. Rich. A special thanks to our PTA Co-President Renee DiBenedetto and the many PTA volunteers for helping to organize this event.