Holiday Greetings from Dr. Capuano

Dear Parents,


The holiday season is truly one of my favorite times of year, as it allows us the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and to reflect thankfully on the previous year.

While we often get preoccupied with shopping, holiday parties, and “30% off” coupons, it’s really the season, as Washington Irving said, “for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.”

Whether we reflect on Christmas or Hanukah, the common themes of charity and kindness toward others resonate.  I am proud to say that many of our children and staff have heard this message and have given of themselves, their time, and their money in recent weeks to help those in need.  They teamed together to:

  • Collect coats for the homeless.
  • Give new toys to children in need.
  • Build and maintain homes for those who require assistance.
  • Donate funds to the American Cancer Society.
  • Collect needed items for animal shelters.
  • Provide support for our troops serving overseas.

I’m so grateful for a staff, student body, and community who fans the “genial flame of charity” on a regular basis.

Have an outstanding holiday season…and see you in 2019!


Happy Holidays!

Jeffrey A. Capuano, Ph.D.


EGO Highlights

By Nick LoParrino

With the winter season fully underway, the Eastchester Government Organization (EGO) has been hard at work exuding holiday cheer and giving back to the community. During the months of November and December, officers from every grade have devoted themselves towards fostering an atmosphere of joy and gratitude throughout the entire student body and have held several events to assist in cultivating this holiday spirit:

The entire month of November was dedicated to the annual November Toy Drive, which raises awareness for children in need and provides less fortunate kids with brand new toys to celebrate the holiday season. Beginning November 1st, festive boxes are placed in every homeroom, thus commencing the highly anticipated competition over which room can bring in the most toys before the month’s end. The winning homeroom not only receives bragging rights and the rewarding feeling of contributing to a good cause; they
are treated to a breakfast as well. This year, Mrs. Goldring’s homeroom took home the gold, with the class contributing an astounding 101 toys to the school’s grand total of 762 toys, making the 2018 November Toy Drive yet another resounding success.

  • Who doesn't love Monopoly!?
    Who doesn't love Monopoly!?

On Thursday, December 6th, members of the EGO, along with students from the art club and art honor society, transformed the new cafeteria into a winter wonderland. This year the EGO went in with a design plan emphasizing simplicity and uniformity, which aimed for a seamless holiday flow throughout the cafeteria. Given that this year is the new cafeteria’s first year being decorated, the EGO and art club members hoped to christen the area in an aura of wintry cheer and set a precedent for future years. Featuring wreaths,
Christmas trees, a menorah, an inflatable snowman, and custom made snowflakes and ornaments, the cafeteria is guaranteed to convert any scrooge into a true believer of the holiday magic.

  • Holiday prep work
    Holiday prep work

On Monday, December 10th, the EGO held its annual meeting for Stockings for Soldiers, in which members prepare stockings full of goodies and toiletries for the US troops abroad. The goal for the EGO this year was to fill 30 stockings to send to the soldiers. Officers were asked to bring in any items ranging from toothbrushes to leftover Halloween candy to books and puzzles. Overall, 37 stockings were filled, far surpassing the bar set at 30. Each member also wrote a personalized card to the troops, thanking them for their service and wishing them a happy and healthy holiday season.

  • Prepping the stockings
    Prepping the stockings

2018-19 NHS Inductees

Since 1921, the National Honor Society has been recognizing outstanding high school students for their achievements in academics and service to the community. Congratulating to the following students who were inducted into the Douglas MacDonald Chapter of the National Honor Society on December 5th:

Ashley Anello, Ashley Angarola, Victoria Barr, Livia Bernabo, Olivia Bishop, Melissa Booker, Michael Brand, Elsa Bucaj, Emily Bui, Noelle Butler, Danielle Casey, Katherine Chiu, Gianna Ciardiello, Miranda De Leon, Marcus Deknatel, Samantha Dell’Imperio, Alyssa DiLeo, William Doyle, Emiliano Dreshaj, Kerin Egan, David Ewing, Keeva Fay, James Fong, Catherine Froehlich, Kieran Gaffney, Jona Gagani, Enxhi Hajdarmataj, Saba Hassani, Issei Honda, Jennifer Hong, Isabella Johnson, Ora Kalaj, NamKyung Kim, Alexander Kim-Koutsis, Juliet Liao, Marc LoParrino, Nicholas LoParrino, Samantha Macaluso, Christina Mariani, Ryan Martin, Kristen Mazzella, Ralph Medici, Reina Nakamura, Anastasia Philippopoulos, James Poletti, Erica Reith, Julia Risi, Juliana Risi, Anna Russo, Brian Smyth, Annie Southard, Erion Sulaj, Chritina Tani, Ryan Travers, Manami Tsukamoto, Sae Tsunawaki, Matthew Vanadia, Andrew Williams, Gianna Woodin, Katerina Yacoub, Michael Zeolla

NHS Officers (L. to R.) Nam Kim, Elsa Bucaj, Anna Russo, and Jimmy Fong
NHS Officers (L. to R.)
NamKyung Kim, Elsa Bucaj, Anna Russo, and James Fong

Chess Club in their Inaugural Year!

This is the first year that the Chess Club has been offered in the High School and it is off to a great start! Averaging over 25 players weekly, they meet every Friday after school in room H304. All levels welcome to learn strategy, openings, pins, forks and more. If you don’t know what that means, then you need to come!
  • Mastering the moves
    Mastering the moves

NHS Math Honor Society Inductees

The NYS Math Honor Society had it’s induction on Monday November 17th. All students have to have an 85 or higher average overall and a 90 or higher in their math classes. Additionally, all students tutored a minimum of 10 hours last year and six hours this year. Mr. Ellis was the keynote speaker for the ceremony and each inductee gave a short speech as well.

Inductees :

Ashley Angarola                         Victoria Barr                               Danielle Casey

Marcus DeKnatel                        Alyssa Dileo                                Keeva Fay

Catherine Froehlich                    Enxhi Hajdarmataj              Isabella Johnson

Nam Kim                                            Juliet Liao                                    Nicole Liao

Samantha Macaluso                   Ralph Medici                              Elona Nasser

Anastasia Philippopoulos        Anna Russo                                Erion Sulaj

Sae Tsunawaki                                Andrew Williams                     Michael Zeolla

Dancing with Our Stars!!

The Sophomore Class of 2021 invites students, staff, teachers and administrators to participate in this year’s DANCING WITH “OUR” STARS!

The 20’s :  the Charleston, the Peabody

The 30’s :  The Waltz, The Tango, Swing,  Fox Trot,  Samba,  Rumba

The 40’s :  The Swing, The Jitterbug

The 50’s :  The Jitterbug, or Swing, Lindy, The Rock’n’Roll,  Boogie-woogie or   Bop

The 60’s:   The Madison, The Swim, The Mashed Potato,                                         The Twist,  The Frug, The Watusi

The 70’s:    Line Dancing, The Hustle, The Bump

The 80’s:   The Running Man, The MC Hammer Dance, The Macarena,             The Sprinkler, The Moonwalk, The Worm,  The Kriss Kross Jump Dance, The Cabbage Patch     OR

Choose one you are passionate about!

For more information see one of the Sophomore Officers or Contact Mrs. Astarita, Sophomore Class Advisor.

Class of 2021

President:         Daniel Orlando

Vice President: Ella Loizides

Secretary:         Luke McIntyre

Treasurer:         Sophia Lotto

EHS Social Studies Department and WLHCSS

Several High School teachers, (Mike Boyle, Betty Crowley, Joanne DiMase, Mary Ann Cusano, Verderico Manganiello and Christina Molinari) along with their Middle School and other district colleagues attended the Westchester Lower Hudson Council for the Social Studies (WLHCSS) conference on Friday, December 7th at the Westchester Renaissance Hotel.  Susan Chester, Humanities Chair Person at Eastchester School District is the President of WLHCSS. Staff attended sessions about Project Based Learning, the Roosevelt Library & Museum, and grading for the new Global Regents exam.  The Key Note speaker was Queens-born, Cheryl Wills, Emmy Award-winning anchor for Spectrum News NY1 and author of Die Free: A Heroic Family Tale.  In this groundbreaking memoir,  she writes about her 3x great-grandfather, (an escaped slave) who volunteered to fight in the Civil War after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued.


  • Verderico Manganiello: High School Spec Ed/Social Studies w/Mills’ official copy of the Emancipation Proclamation and a Civil War soldier re-enactor
    Verderico Manganiello: High School Spec Ed/Social Studies w/Mills’ official copy of the Emancipation Proclamation and a Civil War soldier re-enactor


Art Honor Society’s Holiday Stocking Grams

To spread holiday cheer in the spirit of giving the Art Honor Society sold holiday stocking grams packed with candy and a personalized note. The stocking were handcrafted and designed by the Art Honor Society students. Many students and faculty participated, purchasing a stocking for a faculty member or friend. The stockings were sold for $2 and were delivered by “Santa” and “his holiday elves” (student volunteers) on Friday, Dec 21. Part of the funds raised will go to a charity of the club’s choice and the other funds will go towards continuing community outreach through the arts.
Elsa Bucaj and Dylan Ecklond showing off their stockings
Dylan Ecklond and Elsa Bucaj show off their holiday stockings