EGO Highlights for November/December

Toy Drive

The toy drive this year was a major success! The hard work and team effort from everyone involved allowed EGO to donate 1,157 toys! EGO surpassed their goal by 157 toys, and raised 500 more than last year. The math department played a critical role by motivating all of their classes to donate.  Mr. Berbit’s Physics class won the competition for the homeroom with the most toys (collecting over 100!). In an amazing example of community outreach, Manny Louros donated the hot breakfast to our winning homeroom. EGO officers were extremely busy throughout the month, visiting homerooms and clubs encouraging students to participate .

  • Toys aplenty!
    Toys aplenty!

Stockings For Soldiers

Stockings for Soldiers is an annual fundraising opportunity to help soldiers during the holiday season. Students contributed by bringing in different stocking-stuffers like toothpaste, food, gum, card games, deodorant, and other items that the soldiers asked for. EGO members were able to stuff stockings and included a card to thank the soldiers for their unyielding sacrifices and for them to have a happy holiday. The EGO event culminated in snacks, a good time eating, and listening to holiday music. It was a great bonding time for all involved.

Holiday Decorating

This year, EGO decorated the cafeteria with no expenses spared! The EHS student body came out in force to help and it really provided a boost to the holiday spirit. EGO had holiday music playing to get people in a jolly mood. The columns in the school were decorated with white paper and red ribbon to mimic candy canes. Two Christmas trees were decorated with presents underneath. There were Stars of David and a Menorah for Hanukkah. We even had an elf on the shelf in the cafeteria! The art club helped too by making cut out snow flakes and ginger bread men. People had so much fun and many said they would definitely do it again next year. EGO did a great job encouraging Eagle Nation in setting up the decorations.

Jazz Co.’s Weekend of Dance

The annual Jazz Co Weekend of Dance will take place January 30th- February 2. Over 110 students will be performing. Each faculty member receives one free ticket and can purchase additional tickets in advance. 
There are several ways that you can get tickets:- A ticket order form is attached.-Tickets will be available in the cafeteria during all lunch periods from January 27-January 31-Tickets will be available outside the auditorium January 27-January 31 from 2:30-5:00
Jazz Co will be collecting food for the NYSUT/Feeding Westchester Food Drive.  Collection bins will be available at all ticket sale locations and at the auditorium door during all performances.  We would greatly appreciate non-perishable food donations.  
It is a wonderful show that you and your family will definitely enjoy. We hope to see you there!
Jazz Co. Students and Staff

Jazz Co.'s Weekend of Dance

NYS Math Honor Society Induction

New York State Math Honor Society Induction took place on Monday November 18th in the High School Library.  The induction began with an introduction from Dr. Capuano.  STEM Supervisor Jerrod Blair then took the podium, gave a short speech and called each inductee up.  Twenty eight seniors gave short speeches before receiving their certificates and pins.

Junko Abe                              Paige Leven                   Thea Trosclair

Anastasia Avlonitis                Noreen Mayat               Meghana Viswanathan

Ayla Campbell                       Michael McGuinn

Alexa Cantreva                      Sofia Mottura

Sofia Chaves-Caetano           Enzali Myint

Haris Choudhary                            Tshering Pelden

Juliana DeDomenico              Paul Roland

Catherine Delano                             Ashley Scalisi

Catherine Dwyer                    Hailey Sidari

Ciara Fay                               Alex Siegel

Sydney Gallo                          Zachary Thomas

Samuel Henderson                 Donovan Thompson

Jimin Hwang                          Maho Toyomura

Ms. Stipo’s Marketing Class visits ReDeFeinery

On Friday, January 10, Ms. Stipo’s college level Marketing class visited a new local Marketing start-up company in Scarsdale.  The, ReDeFeinery was recently opened by Dr. Phyllis Fein, a local Eastchester resident.  As an educator, Dr. Fein not only wanted a place to teach students about the world of Marketing, but also to help them prepare for their futures. 

The class spent the day at ReDeFeinery, exploring the various ways a company can promote their products to the public.  Dr. Fein demonstrated visual promotions that allowed the students to determine how they would promote the specific companies.  Students connected to Dr. Fein’s marketing through their own marketing plans that were created during the semester. The day culminated in a group presentation along with feedback from Dr. Fein.

The event provided the students an excellent experience in the world of marketing.   By engaging in the promotion process, their group dynamic skills and team building provided a comfortable learning environment. 

Careers in Business Night

Planning for college and a career can be overwhelming for high schools students, but the process got a little easier this week when Eastchester High School held its third annual, “Careers in Business Night”.

Representatives from approximately 40 careers shared their experiences and gave advice to students on Thursday, November 14th.

The participants work in a variety of fields including medicine, finance, education and communications. Companies included Credit Suisse, Bayer, PepsiCo, Regeneron, Morgan Stanley, and many local entrepreneurs.

“We wanted to provide our students with an opportunity to explore areas of business outside of the classroom environment.  It is beneficial for students to be able to talk to and ask questions of people who actually work in their fields. “said Eastchester High School Business Education teacher Lauren Stipo who organized the event with Amy Schlamkowitz.

Students had the opportunity to rotate around the different companies and ask pertinent questions. The night provided students who are already considering a particular career path with additional information and meeting so many professionals under one roof assisted students who are still determining their paths.

Ms. Bloshenko’s Biology Class

In December, Ms. Bloshenko’s students studied the structure of DNA and two important processes that it is involved in – DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis. Students built a candy model of a DNA double helix. We used colored marshmallows to represent the four different bases (A, T, G, and C) so students were then able to actually transcribe their DNA strand and translate it into amino acids using the universal genetic code.

Additionally, the class was also successful in their completion of a laboratory experiment in which students extracted DNA from a strawberry. Once removed from the cells of the strawberry, the DNA was dyed and placed on a microscope slide for even closer viewing.

  • The DeSarno twins show off their DNA model
    The DeSarno twins show off their DNA model

US History Tableau and Seniors in Government

Mr. Grossi (Bohringer) & Ms. Molinari’s US History classes participated in a Tableau Activity.  Students work collaboratively to portray a historical image from the Nationalism/Sectionalism period of US History.  The images portrayed concepts like Manifest Destiny, the Underground Railroad and the Mexican-American War. This interactive project helped students with recall, comprehension and a deeper understanding of the content in a fun, kinesthetic way, while challenging them to provide a rationale for their tableaux choices. 

  • Sofia L and Andrew F

12th graders in Ms. Molinari’s 9th period Government & Economics class completed a Participation in Government project this past fall as part of their Civics instruction.  Students attended an Eastchester Board of Education, or Eastchester Town government meeting and completed a questionnaire summarizing and analyzing what took place. Seniors will be voters and taxpayers very soon and need to know how they can participate and have a say in local government.  Attending these meetings provided a practical, hands-on experience. 

  • Shane Corrigan attending an Eastchester Town Board meeting

The World of Players Club

Players Club Alum and musical wunderkind Keiji Ishiguri just completed a national tour as Schroeder in a stage production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. This week he is shipping off on a three month stint as a pianist and vocalist under the title of “BillBoard Performing Artist” on Holland Cruise Line’s New Amsterdam. Keiji has done several stints as Musical director of international tours of “Rent”.

Chalk up another success for the Players Club with their hilarious rendition of the shows of “Leading Ladies” and “Check Please”. Performances were held on November 22nd & 23rd. Both productions featured a series of rapid costume changes, hilarious situations, strong comedic timing by the actors. This year marked the 25th annual Fall Comedy production

The best musical with the worst title in history is coming!
The cast list has been posted and rehearsals will soon begin for, URINETOWN THE MUSICAL. The Broadway hit was nominated for 10 tony awards including best musical, best book and best score. The irreverent comedy takes place in a time where water is all but used up and people must pay to use public toilets to take care of their private business. The show is known for its big dance numbers, bizarre characters, and a score which pokes fun of a great many musicals including, Les Miz, Fiddler on the Roof and West Side Story. Performances will take place April 17-19th.

ASR Highlights

Senior Maho Toyomura was named as a semifinalist in the, “Regeneron Science Talent Search 2020”. Her project title was, “Gene editing in ALDH2 for a potential cure for alcoholism.” She did her work as part of the Advance Science Research program taught by Mr. Christian Gorycki. 

Additionally, Eloic Lacomme is an author on the following paper:

“Oxyfluoro-tellurite-zinc glasses and the nuclear-shielding ability under the substitution of AIF3 by ZnO.” Published in the journal, Applied Physics A on January 10, 2020. It reflects much of the work that Eloic is completing in Advanced Science Research.

There were 300 students total, selected from the 1,993 students who entered the competition this year. Each of the Scholars will receive a $2,000 reward, and their schools will also receive $2,000.

Business Law to the County Courthouse

The Business Law class took a trip to the Westchester County Courthouse on November 7, 2019. The class had the opportunity to experience the inter-workings of one of New York State’s largest court systems. Additionally, they engaged in the role playing of various positions in the courtroom with an Assistant District Attorney and Court Officer as facilitators. Students were also able to witness several arraignments (court proceeding when a criminal defendant is formally advised of the charges against them and asked to enter a plea to the charges).

It was an authentic way to experience the daily routines of courtroom life and the critical roles that are crucial for the wheels of justice to move in an orderly fashion. Students were able to realize that the, “Law and Order experience” is not the real world, everyday process. Students really enjoyed the presentation of their cases as well as the detailed preparation of both the prosecution and defense attorneys.

Ms. Schlamkowitz's Business Law Class in front of the Courthouse
Ms. Schlamkowitz’s Business Law Class in front of the Courthouse