Bring in the noise, Bring in the PhYSiCS

Have you ever wondered what those odd sounds were coming from the third floor?   One day it’s the sound of falling bowling balls, the next day it’s coordinated yelling, and on another day, it is students running up and down the stairs.  What is the impetus behind such mayhem??  Ask any Junior or Senior what is going on and they will give you the answer:  it’s PhYSiCS IN ACTION.

Physics as a science explains how stuff in the universe happens.  In order to explain how stuff happens, we have to see how stuff in the universe interacts with other stuff.  This is why you hear lots of noise. When we study the motion of stuff, The students in class interact with carts, and bowling balls, and water balloons in an effort to not only study the motion of these objects, but to predict their future position through mathematical equations.  The result is a hands-on, experiment-based science course that really gets the students thinking about the universe around them.

Mr. Gruber getting hit in the head with a water balloon on the baseball field thanks to good projectile calculations by his students.


Mr. Berbit riding the floor buffer to study how its’ position changes with time in an effort to calculate velocities and acceleration.


Mr. Ross launching a ball from a moving cart by remote control to demonstrate the concept of relative motion. The students were surprised about the resulting motion but soon learned that “PhYSiCS NEVER LIES”.


Spotlight of the Month from Photo Class

Lizette DeAlem-Corchado is currently working on an independent study in Photography. Her current body of work investigates double-negatives (the presence of two images within one photograph).   She is planning a presentation of her work at Barnes and Noble this semester.


Lizette DeAlem-Corchado in her gallery photograph.



Teacher in the News

Verderico Manganiello is a special education and social studies teacher at Eastchester High School and an adjunct professor at Mercy and St. Thomas Aquinas College where he teaches graduate classes in methods of teaching social studies. Verderico recently self-published his first children’s book on Amazon, Loud Zoo (the title is based on a phonetic representation of the name Lao Tzu) is a whimsical story that highlights several animals found in a zoo, that exemplifies some of Lao Tzu’s teachings. Each narrative includes a reference to one of Lao Tzu’s teachings. This book provides a unique opportunity for parents and children to learn more about Taoism and the lessons found in nature.

EGO Activities

The EGO Leadership Workshop was held on October 5th at St Luke’s church in Eastchester.   Our 20 EGO officers attended and worked on team building activities throughout the day.

The goal of EGO is to foster an environment that provides:

*A positive experience for all students.

*A commitment to citizenship both in school and in the community.

*Opportunities for students to develop pride and ownership in their role as a
student of EHS.

Spirit Week

The EGO planned and executed a very successful PEP rally on September 15. The student body came out in force to show their school spirit and celebrated their Fall Teams. The pep rally ended with one of the biggest bonfires ever in Eastchester, which was built by our custodial staff.




The following day,  our Eastchester families and alumnae came out to watch our Homecoming game against Rye.









Hurricane Relief

Since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, 3.5 million US citizens were affected and in dire need of basic supplies. EGO has started a supply drive for the people of Puerto Rico to help with the relief efforts and raise awareness in our school about what is happening and how we can help.

We are collecting cash donations which will be given to UNICEF where 90% of every dollar goes toward creating and distributing Emergency Relief Kits to the people of Puerto Rico including water purification tablets, a water bucket with a lid, water containers, soap, detergent, toothpaste and sanitary pads. (

Additional supplies will be collected, such as: Diapers, Baby food, First aid supplies, “D” batteries, feminine hygiene supplies, mosquito repellent, stomach relief medicine, baby wipes, hand sanitizer

Every week, we will drop of the supplies in the collection bins at a drop off station. Executive Robert P. Astorino announced that he is launching a “Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico” drive across Westchester County. Here is a link to learn more about the donation efforts in Westchester:


Upcoming Events:

10/26 Blood Drive EMS cafeteria.  We encourage anyone 16 or older to sign up and give blood.

November:  Holiday Toy Drive

The Counseling Corner

The High School Counselors have been actively engaged in another busy and productive school year! During the first week of school, they met with all 12th-graders to kick-off the college application season (and to encourage a calm, rational approach to the process).

Next, they met in small groups to welcome 9th graders to EHS and to begin the “getting to know you” process. Before the start of Back-to-School night, Counselors presented a transition workshop to Freshman Parents to help them transition to high school as well.

After visiting all 10th and 11th grade English classes to review the PSAT in early October, Counselors were recently available to meet and greet college reps from nearly 100 colleges at the annual EHS/PMHS College Fair (this year at Pelham on Oct 16th). Juniors, Seniors, and parents attended in great numbers! Counselors were thrilled to see so many parents return to the EHS Library 24 hours later for the annual Financial Aid Night. Real troopers!


CONGRATULATIONS to National Merit Semi-Finalists Malachi Dube, Joseph Gentile and Adam Ginsburg. The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition among Juniors who take the PSAT each year (which is also the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test and initial screening for the competition). Of the 1.6 million test-takers, 50,000 with the highest PSAT/NMSQT scores qualify for recognition, and only a mere 16,000 of those recognized are invited to apply for Finalist (that’s the top 1% of all Juniors who took the PSAT). Way to go Adam, Joseph and Malachi! Good luck in the final phase of the competition!

Art Classes Go Outdoors

Seniors from Ms. Johnson, Mr. Perry and Ms. Sydlowski’s art courses, visited Untermyer Garden in Yonkers, New York for a day of plein air painting with Alonsa Guevara, a chilean artist based in New York City on October 11, 2017. Students observed Alonsa’s methods of painting the landscape, and were given one on one instruction throughout the day. This unique experience was made possible by the Eastchester School Foundation.



Students engage in outdoor art activity.
Students engage in outdoor art activity.
Students sketch the Hudson Valley
Students observe an artist sketch the Hudson Valley.

The Fall Comedy Is Upon Us!

Players Club Says “Bring your dinner to this year’s Fall Comedy”
This year, the E.H.S. Players club is thinking way outside the box with plans for this year’s fall comedy “Scapino”. The hilarious updated Moliere farce is set in a street cafe in Naples, Italy. With the Auditorium still under construction, The club will turn the entire middle school cafeteria, into the Italian street cafe. Audience members will be encouraged to bring their dinner and the play take place among the tables.
The club is renting round cafe tables, which will of course be covered in checkered table cloths and topped off with candles. Strings of cafe lights will criss cross the room, two large buildings and a 42 foot long mural will complete the effect. Add into the mix Gelato served at intermission as dessert by the tech crew, and these will surely be nights to remember.
“Scapino” will be performed November 17th & 18th at 7PM. Doors will open at 6:30. The fun really begins at 6:45 as the staff prepares their cafe for business. Seating is LIMITED to 180 seats per performance. Admission is $10.00. Individual seats and tables of 8 (if available)may be reserved beginning November 1st, at 793-6130 x4477.
These two performances will sell out, so reservations are highly recommended.

Musical Success of our Students!


Junko Abe, Jesse Lama, Lucia Regalbuto, and Kotaro Umemoto were accepted into the Area All-State Symphony Orchestra. They were all recommended and selected by the Orchestra chairperson based off of their excellent NYSSMA scores. Dozens of students were recommended for these group by teachers across the Westchester County, but only the best of the county are selected. This is such a great honor and opportunity for these 4 students! The concert is November 16th, at 8PM at SUNY Purchase.


A few of our fabulous music students have been chosen as members of the Area All State High School Concert Band, and the New York State Band Directors Association (NYSBDA) Honor High School Concert Band, and Honor High School Jazz Band. Congratulations goes out to Chris Tyrrell (10th), David Ewing (11th), Dominic Reisman (10th) who were accepted into Area All State Concert Band – these are among the top musicians in the county!
David Ewing – accepted to the NYSBDA Honor High School Jazz Band. He is one of only TWO tenor saxophonists in the band chosen from applicants from all over the state! Yes, it’s a big deal!
Dominic Reisman – accepted to the NYSBDA Honor High School Concert Band. From 420 applicants the field is narrowed to 129 and he is one of them! Also a big deal!

Going Green

Going Green kicked off the year by encouraging the high school community to reduce their carbon footprint ( harmful gas emissions) by walking to school. Walk to School took place on Friday October 20, 2017.  The club provided free bagels and prizes for those that participated.

Going Green is also working with Pace University and CELF ( Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation) to plan and execute Walk 4 Water.

Walk 4 Water raises money for LifeStraws and raises awareness for the scarcity of water around the globe. We hope to see everyone on April 21, 2018 to walk for water!