March/April EGO Highlights

With winter drawing to a close, the EGO has been hard at work to ring in the season of Spring with exuberance and a focus upon volunteerism. The biannual blood drive and the highly anticipated Rock Against Cancer concert, each of which took place during the month of March, proved to be resounding successes and were each a testament to the student body and larger community’s continued support of Eastchester High School and EGO-sponsored events.

  • On Friday, March 8th, family, friends, and faculty gathered in the EHS auditorium to watch the talented students of Eastchester High School perform various songs at Rock Against Cancer, which serves as a fundraiser and tribute to the ongoing battle against cancer. Ranging from rock bands, to pianists, to duets and solo performances, the performers provided the audience with a wide array of music suited to all tastes. There were also a number of first-time performers, each of whom blew the audience away with their musical talents. Chaired by Laura de Leon and Sophia Lotto, the event ended up raising an astounding $1,308 which will be donated to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the hopes of furthering their medical research. Additional funds were raised from the generous faculty and staff who donated directly to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center online, which will greatly contribute towards Eastchester High School’s overall donation. The EGO would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of the performers who made the event possible as well as to the family, friends, and faculty who were able to support such a wonderful cause.
  • On Wednesday, March 13th, the EGO, along with the help of the Red Cross, hosted its second blood drive of the year in the high school cafeteria. Open to the entire community of Eastchester, this year the EGO officers recruited a record number of donors from the student body and town. The blood drive ended up collecting 35 units of blood, three of which were “POWER RED” donations. More importantly, 105 lives were potentially impacted, making this year’s blood drives incredibly successful once again!
  • Paige Leven assists in the donation process
    Paige Leven assists in the donation process

EGO February Highlights

    Over the month of February the Eastchester Government Organization (EGO) was working hard to unveil a brand new fundraiser just in time for the annual Valentine’s Day festivities. In order to support Eastchester High School’s mental wellness dogs, students in the EGO took it upon themselves to organize the inaugural fundraiser and rally interest among the student body before Valentine’s Day. The wellness dogs, which are often brought into the student lounge during lunch periods, afford students the opportunity to relax and reflect while in the midst of a hectic school week. The EGO coordinated with The Chocolate Box, a local bakery in Crestwood, to create custom-made chocolates that were fittingly shaped to look like dogs. The chocolate dog grams were sold for three days in the cafeteria and each costed five dollars, two of which was donated back to the EGO and the wellness dogs after each sale. Once Valentine’s Day arrived, the chocolate grams were delivered to homerooms and then passed out to the lucky students. Overall, the money raised went towards funding the mental wellness dogs and benefitted numerous students across all grade levels.

By Nick LoParrino

March/April Habitat for Humanity

Members continue to lend a hand in our community. On March 23rd, students went to the Yonkers Community Center to paint and help restore the center that was being used to help the students of Yonkers for their after school activities (tutoring, dance, reading, etc.) The Center was also being used as a food pantry. Much more work needs to be done before it can be put back to use. In May and June, the club will be helping with some painting to refresh the Eastchester VFW building on top of Mickey Spillane’s. The veterans need our help so come out and join in this worthy cause!

Habitat for Humanity announces 11th annual Relay for Life.Saturday, May 18, 2019 at Lake Isle Country Club.Over 125 high school students and 20 middle school students from the National Junior Society have begun the fundraising efforts. To date over $13,000 have already been raised. To raise additional funds, please join us on May 11th from 5-9 and have dinner at Chipotle in White Plains. 33% of the sales will be donated back to our club.

Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to support Eastchester Relay For Life. Come in to the Chipotle at 250 Main St Ste 101 in White Plains on Saturday, May 11th between 5:00pm and 9:00pm. Bring in this flyer, show it on
your smartphone, or tell the cashier that you are supporting the cause. This will ensure that that 33% of the proceeds will be donated to Eastchester Relay For Life.

  • In front of the Yonkers Community Action Program
    In front of the Yonkers Community Action Program

Standing Room Only for Mamma Mia!

While the Players Club have sold out performances in the past, it broke all records for this year’s spring musical MAMMA MIA. The cast and crew of over 100 exploded with excitement after getting word that all three shows were sold out before they opened. Enthusiastic audiences applauded long, loud and often at the amazing vocal, acting, and dance talent that they have come to expect from Players Club productions.
Directed by John Gwardyak, Assistant Directed and Choreographed by Jazz Co director Karen Zambelli, with production assistance from middle school Players Club Director Alex Fletcher, the Players Club is one of largest and most respected high school theaters in the tri-state area.

Annual Lampoon of all things E.H.S. coming May 10th

In secluded corners of the school, Players Club Members are working on skits for their annual Cabaret. The show pokes gentle fun of clubs, teachers, classes, sports teams, and everyday life at EHS.

Seniors Noah Frederick and Olivia Bishop are the directors of this year’s student written and rehearsed production.

The madness happens one night only, Friday, May 10th, at 7PM- Admission is $5.00- Players Club parents get in Free.

Forensic Fingerprinting Around the School

Mrs. Lockwood’s Forensic’s class spent the day around the school processing various objects for latent fingerprints. Using techniques from class, students were able to participate in the real-life application of critical criminal investigatory processes.

Jen Coutsourakis gets the paint ready
Jen Coutsourakis gets her brush ready
Lexi Caleo dusts for latent fingerprints on a glass case
Lexi Caleo dusts for latent fingerprints on a glass case

Music in Our Schools Month (MIOSM)

by Juliet Liao

For Music in Our Schools Month (MIOSM), the Tri-M Music Honor Society promoted music throughout the entire month of March with weekly morning performances. From flute quartets, brass ensembles, string orchestras, to even a faculty band, every week the melodious sounds flooded the hallways for 40 minutes. Eastchester’s music program staffs and teaches talented musicians, and MIOSM provides a great platform to divulge the genuine passion the school holds for music.

Over the course of March, the area outside the auditorium by the stone wall began to grow smaller with the increasing number of teachers and students not just wafting through the halls but staying to be part of the fun, spirited event. Be it clapping and humming to a familiar tune, or merely jiving to the beat of an unknown melody, music finds a way to connect people. In just its fourth year, Tri-M has begun to increase its activity with fundraising for the Give a Note Foundation and beginning to expand music beyond the band room. Perhaps one day in the not so distant future, music performances– albeit the short, groovy ones– will be more prevalent and encourage more people to engage with their musical side, along with the rest of the diverse community of amateurs and virtuosos here at EHS.

  • From L to R: Arisa Shirashi, Alejandra Rosas, Aamuktha Kottapalli, Eva Fava-Rodrigues, Khushbu Dulani, Madyson Diaz, Joshua Gleason performing on March 15th
    From L to R: Arisa Shirashi, Alejandra Rosas, Aamuktha Kottapalli, Eva Fava-Rodrigues, Khushbu Dulani, Madyson Diaz, Joshua Gleason performing on March 15th

Sidewalk Poetry at EHS

What do you do with short periods on a half day of school before Spring Break? Well, since April happens to be National Poetry Month, students from Ms. Bellinzoni’s, Ms. Leighton’s, Ms. Vingo’s, and Dr. Kambar’s classes decorated the sidewalks outside the school with their favorite lines of poetry.

Even the drizzle did not deter them!

  • From left to right: Michael DiLeo and Michael Livigni
    From left to right: Michael DiLeo and Michael Livigni

Italian Night at EHS

By Nick LoParrino

            On Thursday, March 14th, the Italian Club and Niccolo Machiavelli Chapter of the National Italian Honor Society hosted the twenty-ninth annual Festa Italiana at Eastchester High School. The event, which translates to “Italian Party” is essentially just that, as students and faculty from all grade levels are able to attend and celebrate the Italian culture.

            Students taking Italian classes begin to filter into the auditorium at 6:00 to 6:15 PM in order to sit with their respective classes and anxiously engage in last minute preparations for the performances that the night is centered around. Prior to the event’s commencement, a slideshow displaying last year’s trip to Italy is played for all on a projector at the front of the auditorium. Parents and students alike were able to witness photos from Venice, Florence, Rome and so many more iconic Italian cities, all of which were visited by the current seniors who went on the trip last year. Mrs. Lindia recognized Mr. Lindia, Ms. Marcoccia, and Mrs. Bianco for all the help and time that they put into the event.

            At 6:30 PM the event finally begins with a cordial welcome delivered by the officers of both the Italian Club and the Italian National Honor Society. President of the Italian Club, Toni Cristiano, and President of the Italian National Honor Society, Julia Risi, each gave a warm introductory speech to share their excitement for the night and inform the audience of what was in store. Before performances began, two guests of honor were invited to share a few remarks on the night and explain the importance of cherishing the Italian culture. The first speaker was Dr. Annavaleria Guazzieri, a member of the Italian Consulate in New York City, who helps to provide service to over 90,000 Italian nationals living in New York, Connecticut, and some parts of New Jersey. The next speaker was Mr. Vito Catania, who is a long-time resident of Eastchester and is president of both the Giuseppe Garibaldi Lodge and the Columbus Day Committee of Eastchester-Tuckahoe. Each speaker adamantly expressed their deepest regards for the Italian program at Eastchester High School and imparted several meaningful messages upon the students in attendance: one of the most important being to treasure and preserve the Italian culture. Both guests of honor were awarded a plaque to commemorate their efforts in the Italian-American community, and finally the evening’s performances were finally ready to begin.

            As is the custom every year, the freshman class opens up the night with a rendition of the Italian national anthem which then allows the night to segue into the skits prepared by the sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Ranging from Dante’s Divine Comedy to a reenactment of the annual Italian trip, each skit provided the audience with an incredible blend of comedy and culture. Each class, besides the freshman classes, prepares its own skit to perform and prior to Italian Night, students receive individual parts and memorize their lines to perfect their finished product for the night of the show. As a senior, this year my class decided to venture a bit outside of the box and ended up performing an Italian translation of the widely popular American movie, Mean Girls. Personally, having the opportunity to reenact an iconic American movie in Italian was not only extremely fun, but it also helped me learn a lot about the language, as I was able to parallel the English and Italian pieces of the movie. Senior Giuliana Fogliano admits that “Italian night has always been something I looked forward to each year and it’s difficult and sad to believe that it was my last one. However, getting to play Regina was the perfect way to end it.” Following the performances, all attendees are invited to wrap the night up the best way an Italian knows how: to eat! Freshly-prepared antipasto, delicious home-cooked Italian meals, and a variety of customary Italian desserts were all on display in the high school cafeteria. Students, parents, and faculty all conversed and capped the night off with an amazing array of food and lots of laughter. Honorable Frederick Salanitro and Mr. Paul Resiman kindly brought the leftover food to the Franciscan Sisters Soup Kitchen in Harlem.

            Albeit a night for celebration and learning, this particular Festa Italiana was especially bittersweet, as it was the last one of Mrs. Lindia’s teaching career. Revered throughout the Eastchester community as a phenomenal Italian teacher and an even better role model, Mrs. Lindia’s efforts in Eastchester High School allowed have hundreds of students to flourish in the Italian language and are appreciated by students, parents, faculty, and anybody who is lucky enough to know her or have learned from her. Thank you to Mrs. Lindia for hosting this amazing event each and every year, as it allows much of the Eastchester community to come together and celebrate the storied Italian heritage!

  • Re-enactment of "Mean Girls"

Business Honor Society Induction

On April 25, 2019, Juniors from the Class of 2020 were inducted into the Business Honor Society. The 2018-2019 initiates were: Bridget Bajana, Kristina Constantino, Patrick Crean, Thomas Dell’Aera, Rebecca Moriarty, and Erica Reith. Seniors from the 2017-2018 induction were also recognized: Michael Cupo, Alyssa DiLeo, Victoria Fiteni, Enxhi Hajdarmataj, Allison LaValle, Dominick Mancuso, Ralph Medici, and Julia Tiso. All inducted members have taken at least 3 high school credits of Accounting, Business Law, Career and Financial Management, Computer (Microsoft) Essentials, Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Business, Investing and Finance, and Marketing. The BHS Advisors are Amy Schlamkowitz and Lauren Stipo. We are proud of our members of Lambda Alpha Beta Gamma, International Business Honor Society!

  • BHS 2018-19
    BHS 2018-19