ASR Symposium

The Advanced Science Research Symposium was held in the library and auditorium on Tuesday, June 5 at 7 pm. Seniors Brian Danaher, Malachi Dube, Nabarun Ghosh, Brian Lubimov, Gina Magardino, Sophie McIntyre, Priya Prathima, Nick Ranellone, and Athena Tejada presented their projects as PowerPoints to the audience of current, future and alumni students as well as the Eastchester community. Sophomores and Juniors also presented their work in poster format in the auditorium lobby.

Yearbook Party

The Senior Yearbook signing party was held Thursday, May 24th. Seniors shared fond memories, swapped autographs and indulged in sweet treats from Sugar & Co. of Tuckahoe.
  • Desserts for Yearbook
    "Sweet" Party!!

Starlight Park Project

Habitat for Humanity, Art Club, Photo Club and Art Honor Society raised money in support of a beautification project in Starlight Park in the Bronx. Please join the artists and for the opening June 29 and 30, 2018.

This group exhibition reenacts the Bronx Exposition of Science, Art and Industries that took place on this site in 1918, which offered industry exhibitions and innovations in science and art, as well as an abundance of amusement park amenities and displays. Coordinated by the Bronx River Art Center in cooperation with the Bronx River Alliance, the eight installations animate this recently restored but currently underused site, while they celebrate the legacy of the 1918 Exposition’s 100-year anniversary.


  • Beautification in Action!
    Beautification in Action!

Italian Poetry Contest at NYU

On May 5th, Alex Siegel and Benjamin Araujo both won gold in their respective categories at the annual Italian Poetry Contest at NYU, sponsored by the Italian Teachers’ Association of New York and Westchester (Chapter of AATI).
Italian Poetry Contest at NYU
Italian Poetry Contest at NYU

The Decades Project

In Ms. Vitale and Molinari’s US History classes, students researched an event or person significant to the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or beyond. Students wrote and presented a speech from the perspective of their chosen person or event, focusing on the impact and influence beyond that decade. Students were required to use props to enhance the presentation and many 11th graders rose to the occasion. After listening to the speeches and taking notes, students then wrote an essay comparing and contrasting their person/event with another they learned about during the presentations.


Photos depict: Rachel Carson, Earl Warren, William Levitt, Gloria Steinem, the television, the Little Rock Nine and Harvey Milk

A Year in Review for EGO

Pickleball for a Purpose
On Friday, May 18, high school students swarmed down to the gym after a long day of school for an afternoon filled with competition, fun, and most importantly, remembrance. Eastchester High School’s first annual, “Matt Demarco Pickleball Tournament” was a resounding success, as students from all grades were able to kick loose and show off their pickleball skills in a positive and encouraging environment. Before the memorial tournament commenced, a ceremony was held to honor Matt, who was a son, brother, and friend to many in the Eastchester community. Matt is especially remembered for his contagious smile and his passion for reading and learning which molded him into a model student and a respected peer. The gym was packed with administrators and students for the unveiling of Matt’s plaque, which will be proudly displayed in the library for all to see and appreciate. Overall, the event raised over $1,100, which covered the cost of the plaque and also contributed over $1,000 to the scholarship in Matt’s name. More importantly, the tournament recognized one of the kindest and brightest individuals
to ever walk through the doors of Eastchester High School and honored the everlasting footprint he continues to leave each day.

2017-2018 EGO Highlights
● This year, between both the October and March blood drives, EGO raised 70 units of blood and saved over 200 lives.
● For the holidays, EGO elevated the competition between homerooms and challenged each homeroom to bring in as many toys as they could for the annual December Toy Drive. Students embraced the holiday cheer and as a result, over 800 toys were raised, which close to quadruples the total from last year.
● EGO brought back the winter dance this year and renamed it the Snow Ball, with the goal of creating a formal celebration for students during the winter. The gym was transformed into a winter wonderland and over $500 was raised.
● EGO led the push for donations for Swaziland this year, following a visit from
individuals who call Swaziland their home. Over $1,300 was raised to help the less fortunate children in Swaziland and 24 soccer balls were also sent over as well.
● This year’s annual Rock Against Cancer concert raised awareness for cancer and contributed over $1,300 to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

Farewell to this year’s Players Club

It has been an absolutely Banner year for the Players Club. The recent lampoon of life at EHS, “Cabaret”, had the largest audience ever for the student written & directed production.

With sold-out shows for both the Fall Comedy, “Scapino” and Spring Musical, “Fiddler on the Roof”, Players Club shows have become some of the community’s most popular events.

At 116 members, the club is now one of the school’s largest organizations, and is sure to be bursting at the seams next September as the incoming Freshmen vie for class auditions. Potential shows for the 2018-19 school year are now being researched by the club’s staff. On the behalf of all the members we bid a sad farewell to our graduating seniors, and wish them the greatest success in the next adventure of their life


Investing and Finance Club

The Investing and Finance Club had their final meeting of the year! The club’s  success stemmed from a collaborative effort with the discussion of strategies for the Stock Market Game, listening to guest speakers/professionals in the world of Finance, and keeping up on current events! All new members are welcome! If interested, please see Mrs. Schlamkowitz or any of our current members for more information!
Some of our participants posed for a picture: From left to right: William Doyle, Jeddiah Orlando, Michael Zeolla, William Lally, Ryan Travers, Marcus Deknatel, James Poletti, Glenn Pilla.