Wishing you a Happy Summer!

Wishing you a Happy Summer!

June 24th, 2019

Dear Families,

TODAY is our final Good Deed Day of the school year!

Make sure your child is wearing their Waverly shirt!

Today will be our final day of collecting snacks for the Ronald McDonald House.  Be sure to mark any items as donations, so they are not confused with classroom snacks.

Focusing on a specific word of the month and a good deed was new for Waverly this year. We have received a great deal of positive feedback from the children, who have shared ways in which they have put the words into action at home. I’d like to thank all Waverly families for the support all year!

Fancy is not just for Nancy!

“Fancy Day” will be held TOMORROW, June 25th!

In appreciation of your fundraising efforts through the Boosterthon Fun Run this year, our Morning Meeting will be a little fancy! Encourage your child to wear his or her favorite fancy attire to school. We will cheer on our students as they embark on their next academic adventure in first or second grade. Don’t forget a snack. Students will enjoy their snack on a special “Fancy Day” placemat. (There will be an 11:40 a.m. dismissal.)

Wellness Survey- Final day to participate is Wednesday, June 26th!

Here is the link to participate in a follow-up survey regarding our Wellness Program: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Q3RJSY2

If you missed the Whisper last week, here is a recap of the initial survey data:

The survey asked for your feedback in three main areas:

  • Your awareness of our Wellness Program
  • Signs of anxiety that your child may exhibit at home
  • Strategies that your child utilizes at home from our program

Survey data indicated that 80% of the responding parents were aware of Waverly’s Wellness Program. We found this data to be encouraging, and we are working with the PTA Wellness Committee to explore ways to involve more parents next year.

We found a strong relationship between parents who were aware of the program and those who saw signs of anxiety in their children. We are interested in exploring this further to determine if parents who already saw signs of anxiety in their children were more likely to make note of our program and the strategies shared, or perhaps the opposite, once parents were aware of our program, they were more likely to identify signs of anxiety in their children. This is important information, as it will help us to plan more effectively for future work with children and their families.

Finally, many parents shared that they observed their child using some of the breathing techniques that have been shared at school. We were thrilled to see the carryover of skills from school being employed at home, and are excited to continue to work.

To that end, I am asking parents to take the survey again, as we wrap up this school year. Please complete the survey using the link below. It will be available from today through the last day of school, so please do take a moment to complete it. It takes only a few minutes, but the information we glean will help us to improve our programming for the upcoming school year.


I thank you for your partnership!

Nurse Kaessler will be retiring this year, after 43 years as a nurse, 28 of which were spent at Waverly. Please join me in thanking her for her dedication to the children and families at Waverly and wishing her health and happiness in the years ahead!

 If you will be moving and your child will no longer be attending Eastchester schools, please be sure to write a letter to inform our office as soon a possible. Thanks!

This newsletter is best read on a computer. However, if you are reading this newsletter on a smartphone, be sure to click on the link below for the Book, Nurse, and PTA Corners! We want you to remain in the loop!


Thank You!

As this is our final Whisper for the 2018-2019 school year, I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done to support your child this year. Whether you volunteered with the PTA, attended a workshop, participated in a school event, or read each night with your child (or all of the above), your partnership is invaluable to making Waverly the magical place it is. If your child is moving on to another school, I wish them all the best, and look forward to seeing them around town. Be sure to download, save and print your child’s final report card. (This document may be required in order to register for fall sports.)

Wishing your family health and happiness,

Mari K. Doyle

-Monday, June 24th- Good Deed Day! (Wear your red shirt!)

-Tuesday, June 25th- Fancy Day! (See above)

-Wednesday, June 26th- Last day of school! And the final day to respond to our wellness survey! Here’s the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Q3RJSY2

More information can be found above. (We have a 9:38 a.m. dismissal!)